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NCSS is always looking for ways to benefit our members. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to The Car Connection. The Car Connection provides an alternative to the traditional automobile dealership experience.  Since there is no inventory, they have no stake in marketing specific makes or brands.  They consistently save customers both money and time in a hassle-free environment that ensures you obtain the best pricing possible for your vehicle.  Start saving today by calling (919)846-9553. 


  • Fleet pricing ensures the lowest possible purchase price available.
  • Fleet pricing through almost all the manufacturers.  Negotiated stand-alone pricing is available for the manufacturers that do not offer fleet incentives.
  • Access to all current dealer inventory
  • Provide the opportunity for factory orders when available (not all manufacturers offer this as an option)
  • All manufacturers' incentives and rebates are all honored.
  • Ability to honor other manufacturer programs such as Ford X-plan, GM Supplier discounts, etc.… for buyers who qualify for these programs.
  • Purchase and leasing options available.
  • All new vehicle warranties are honored through the manufacturer. 


  • Customized searches using the specific needs and requirements of our customers.
  • Used vehicles obtained in almost any price range.
  • Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are available for many manufacturers including warranty extensions.
  • Automobile history is checked and verified when available. 


  • Unbiased counseling provided for customers undecided of final vehicle make or model for both new and used.
  • Maximize trade values through a sourcing program that ensures the customer receives the most amount possible for their used vehicle. 
  • The opportunity to trade directly to the delivering dealer as well as options to sell to other sources is provided. 
  • Counsel customers on market pricing data as well as best practices should they decide to sell their used vehicle on their own.
  • NO DOC FEES!  These are charges inherent at almost all dealerships that can vary from $598-$899.