Certified Floodplain Surveyor (CFS) Program

This certification program educates surveyors on the forms and processes associated with floodplain properties and the submital of Elevation Certificates. To become CFS certified, licensed surveyors must successfully complete the three-day certification seminar and exam. PDH's are awarded for the seminar, however no PDH credit is given for the exam. The specific topics covered in the course are: National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), FIRM Maps, NFIP Regulations and Elevation Certificates, Letters of Map Correction and Letters of Map Correction Processing. There are currently over 200 CFS Certified Surveyors in the state as this certification has become more popluar with recent floodplain/form changes. NCSS offers annually for surveyors seeking to add this certification to their resume.

CFS Contacts

NC NFIP Coordinator
Steve Garrett

Deputy Hazard Mitigation Chief/Geodetic Survey Chief
Gary Thompson 

NCFMP Program Manager
Tom Tufts

Flood Risk Information System
Stacey Fuller

GIS and LiDAR Data
Daniel Madding

Letter of Map Change
Scott Gentry

NFIP Engineering
Jintao Wen

NFIP Outreach & Training
Steve Garrett

NFIP Planners
Matt Stillwagon (Central Region)
Terry Foxx (Western Region)
Eryn Futral (Eastern Region)

FEMA National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
FEMA Map Help

CFS Resources

CFS Certified Surveyors

Click HERE to view a list of CFS Certified Surveyors.

CFS Study Guide

If you are preparing for the CFS Certification Course and Exam, the following link will be helpful to you:
CFS Study Guide

Specifically, review and become familiar with the NFIP Regulations. The terms and guidelines outlined in those are woven throughout the course and this will help you to maximize the preparatory class time.